Swim and Sip™

Do you enjoy a cold, refreshing beverage when you're in the water? But you can’t seem to fully relax as you hold it up out of the water or search around for somewhere to set it? Well, the perfect solution just floated your way! 

Meet The Swim and Sip - a patented floating drink insulator "koozie" for use on land or in the water. The pivoting ballast weight locks down to allow your drink to float upright, then easily folds up so that your drink can be placed on a flat surface. It is designed for a standard-width 12 oz. beverage can (not stable with taller/skinny cans or bottles).

The Swim and Sip is great for: 

  • Relaxing in the pool or getting your pool party crowd talking (bachelor/bachelorette parties?!) 
  • Boating on the lake or hanging in party cove 
  • River floating or tubing 
  • Chillin' in your favorite swimming hole In the ocean swimming in your your favorite bay or at an exotic beach 
  • Vegas or an All-Inclusive resort 
  • As a companion for fly or wade fishing 
  • Letting the kids swim and play with their floating soft drinks 
  • Giving a fun and unexpected gift to the water-lover in your network

 We set out to create the highest QUALITY, best ENGINEERED, most FUN floating koozie on earth!

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