At Swim and Sip, we like to think we have a sense of humor. And there’s an online trend that’s impossible to miss that’s worth poking a little fun at so our latest ads do just that. Check out our Waterfall Sales Program- it’s not enough to just have fun in the water with your Swim and Sip, it’s time to profit from it with big $$$$!!

And, given that timing is not our specialty (like presenting our great new product to resorts and cruise lines in early 2020…), we needed to make a spoof of that guy a couple of years ago who took out a million Youtube ads to suggest that if you subscribed to his service, you too could have a Lamborghini in the garage along with all of your prized books. (If you’re lucky enough to not get it or didn’t see the original, here’s his original video:

Thankfully your friends will think the Swim and Sip is more ingenious than our advertisements!

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